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I Saw the Assassin’s Creed Movie and Survived…

To say I was disappointed by this movie would be an understatement – not that I had high hopes anyway.

I have been a fan of the video games since I first played it on my housemate’s game console. As a history nerd, being able to run around Renaissance Rome or Crusade era Jerusalem was really appealing. That’s why is seems counter-intuitive to spend the majority of the movie outside of the historical setting. 

As any player of the game knows, no-one wants to leave the Animus. 

If I’m being honest though, if I had managed to get Michael Fassbender, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, AND Marion Cotillard to join the movie, I would have given them as much screen time as possible too. So I can’t really fault the creatives behind it.


What bothered me the most, however, was that they turned an epic adventure with an immersive story into a Sci-Fi thriller with no context. Thus leaving most viewers, who are not familiar with the games, confused.

(And those of us who are familiar even more confused…)   

There was a wealth of material available within the AC universe that they could have chosen from. Why the Spanish Inquisition? And why the weird Kanye West music?! They could have chosen a similar time period without necessarily using the original main characters. It would have been a nice way to give a nod to the games without making it a straight copy.


Personally I would have loved to see it set in Renaissance Rome, but that is just my personal preference… 

We must all face the reality though that this movie would never have pleased everybody. So all I can say is that I survived seeing it and I think I’ll just stick to the games.

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